A service to enable accurate
indoor positioning in your facilities
Indoor Positioning Services

Focusing on

Large companies with their own facilities and a large number of assets or employees.

The benefits

Saving time and money by keeping track of equipment, goods and tools. Keeping staff safe.

The solution

Use Combain’s Indoor 3D Positioning service to enable indoor positioning in your facilities.

A professional service

Indoor 3D Positioning  is a professional service where Combain provides you with a turnkey solution for your indoor positioning needs. We optimize and enhance 3D location accuracy indoors using our proprietary in-house developed tools.

You can have an indoor positioning need for your hospital, hotel, warehouse, production facility or office area. For safety reasons or for production efficiency reasons, you want keep your staff safe or you want to locate assets or equipment. 

– Keep staff safe
– Keep track of equipment and tools
– Use your own smartphones and/or tracking devices
– Uses existing wireless infrastructure
– Identify low coverage areas
– Fast indoor deployment by using our proprietary tools

Analysing your needs

We help you to analyse your needs and your use-cases from a positioning perspective. We will propose, implement, optimise, host and maintain a solution for you. 

We will help you to analyse what type of tracking device that will be needed, what type of infrastructure changes (if any) areneeded. We will analyse the requirements for apps and cloud services that will be used by stakeholders and end-users.

A typical use-case is to keep employees safe. In case of an emergency people need to be located. Combain will help you with a system that works in such situations. 

Another typical use-case is to locate assets and equipment. Too much time is spent to locate equipment and tools needed to perform work related tasks. Equipment and tools gots lost and stolen. 

An easy and straightforward project

Our projects include the following steps:

  1. Pre-Study / Requirement Capture phase
  2. Site Surveys 
  3. Coverage and Accuracy Optimisation
  4. Development and Installation 
  5. Validation phase 
  6. Support and Maintenance phase

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